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Tears for the Samurai

Ten years in the making, "Tears for the Samurai" barely fits into a category. From the first chapter onward, readers are amazed and ask, “What will he say next? He has more teachings and stories than this book can hold!” His triple-path credentials abide in this one man who is a martial arts master, who grew up in a family of Buddhist priests, and who follows his clan’s samurai code of honor.

At first, readers may ask how all this pertains to them. Okimura would answer, “These are stories and teachings about transformation. Seeing through a new lens. Light your hair on fire so you can see the path before you! You may not be a samurai descendent or a priest, but you can live your life according to the code of honor and the practices of the samurai.”

Through immersing in and learning from “Tears for the Samurai” many have discovered their own code of honor with deliberately chosen virtues. "Tears for the Samurai" assists the reader in walking a path leading gradually or suddenly to embodied transformation.
Readers are invited to open the book anywhere. It has no borders, and the chapters need not be read sequentially. Inspiring experiences and teachings await on every page